Naemi Ueta

Naemi Ueta. Photographer. Graduated in Philosophy of Art from the University of Doshisha in Kyoto, in her home country of Japan, where she later worked in advertising as a copywriter. In 94' she moved to Spain and worked as an interior designer. And later she obtained the Superior Title of Image and Sound. She started working as an independent professional photographer.

· Still photo for the movie "Pixel Theory" Pablo Bullejo 2013

· Individual exhibition "Keshin" of Japanese art in Gijón, Spain 2014

· Collective exhibition "400 anniversary of relations between Spain and Japan", organizes

given by the Embassy of Japan, in Granada, Spain 2014

· Collective exhibition "Flamenco Expo", at the Kasbah Museum in Tangier, Morocco 2015

· April 2016, participation in the documentary "Guardians of History". This adventure is carried out by the journalist Nira Juanco, by the famous paleo-anthropologist Juan Luis Arsuaga and by the film director Santiago Zannou. The 3 travel around the world, visiting unique places and monuments, heritage of humanity such as The Alhambra and The Flamenco of Granada. And portrays Naemi as a Japanese photographer who portrays these heritages. Its broadcast Sep 2016 on Channel # 0 of Movistar.

· Individual Exhibition "INORI" Petra Vinos y Más, Granada, Spain, June 2016

· Collective exhibition "UMI", Hotel Club Marítimo de Sotogrande, Cadiz, Spain, 2016

· Individual Exhibition "INORI" Marbella, Málaga Spain, Sep 2016

· Individual Exhibition "INORI" for 20 anniversaries of the Huetor Vega Museum, Granada, Spain, Oct 2016

· Collective exhibition organized by the Consulate of France for the cultural exchange between France and Spain, Library of Andalusia, Granada, Spain, Nov 2016

· Individual Exhibition "INORI" (70 works) in Venta de Vargas, San Fernando, Cadiz, Spain. It is a sacred place and prestige that calls it "Cathedral of Flamenco" where frequented the legendary cantaor (flamenco singer) Camaron de la Isla, numerous great flamenco artists and their friends. It is the first art exhibition for Venta de Vargas after its opening 1921.

Canal Sur Televisión broadcast its exclusive report of 2 minutes and 10 seconds for its news.

· Individual Exhibition "INORI" at UPLINK together with the film "Sacromonte the wise of the tribe" Tokyo, Japan, Feb 2017

· Opening of the photographic art gallery "INORI" in front of the Alhambra in Granada. January 2017

· The documentary "Guardians of History" (2016) begins on the airline IBERIA and Naemi presents as a photographer that portrays two Granada heritage sites: The Alhambra and Flamenco (2018)

· Collective exhibition of 4 artists "Axares: Submerged Beauty" on the occasion of the solidarity day of the world heritage cities 2018 in the Casa de Zafra national monument organized by the City Council of Granada, Councilor for Culture and Heritage, Granada, Spain Sep-Oct 2018

・ Her art gallery "INORI" Granada (Spain) assigned by the Micherin guid 2019

Canal sur Televisión broadcast its report on the work of Naemi, Aug 2019

・Embassy of Japan in Spain places photographic work "The Life"of INORI serie of Naemi Ueta, in the main meeting room of the embassy, Ago 2019